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Make the Most of Your Time In the Media Spotlight

You cannot predict when the glare of the media spotlight may turn on you but you can prepare.The 15-Seconds team provides media relations and training, crisis communications consulting and strategic planning, and speech preparation and presentation coaching to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, prominent individuals and small businesses. Whether you want to learn how to promote your business or organization, prepare to defend your good reputation from some future attack, or get help in fighting back against an ongoing threat, we can help.

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This was the most comprehensive training my people have ever had in any discipline – and it was entertaining, too.


All our general managers have been talking about the (15 Second) media training session for days. They want more!

Property Management VP Of PR

The preparation to get me ready to meet the cameras is always top notch. I especially appreciated how you nailed the questions I was asked.

A Michelin Executive

Wow, I was so totally ready for that live shot on FOX. It was lightning fast but you had me ready for that, and where to look and how to get my messaging in.

Starwood Hotels SVP

For years I have avoided talking to the media. Now I know how. Thank you for opening up a whole new way for me to market my practice.

A Veteran Lawyer

Great session - very informative and packed full of usable guidelines

Impressed with the breadth of practical experience. Like the use of real life examples

Not a wasted moment

This was wonderful! Your experience and presentation was “on the mark.

Thank you for your years of exemplary consulting service to (us) in support of our communications efforts. Your guidance, counsel and outreach have been invaluable.

Various Aerospace Industry Executives