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  • You Have The Right To Remain Silent

    Tiger Woods has hit into the rough,denting not only his Cadillac but also his squeaky-clean image.

    How is he doing in extricating himself? Too soon to tell. (Note: this was written when only 1 alleged mistress was known about — since that time it has become clear that Tiger was playing WAY over par.)

    There are no good options in this kind of position — he has to choose the least bad one.

    Yesterday Woods posted a statement on his website which seemed to be a reasonable approach. It included these lines:

    “I’m human and I’m not perfect. I will certainly make sure this doesn’t happen again. This is a private matter and I want to keep it that way…”

    We get it. We don’t think Tiger was talking about his (Escalade) driving.

    Woods had to say something but he is under no obligation to spill his guts in a Mark Sandford-like press conference or to fully explain his actions to anyone other than Mrs. Woods.

    It probably would have been wise for Woods to have expressed thanks to the first-responders who came to his aid (law enforcement and medical) and to apologize to his neighbors and fans for the noisy distraction — but otherwise it was a pretty good statement. He should have gotten it out 36 hours earlier but even if he had done so — the story would still be grabbing lots of media attention.

    Tiger can’t live his life in a bunker, however, and sooner or later — preferably sooner — he is going to have to show his (reportedly scratched) face and appear in public. The key is to not fall into the trap of saying anything which could later be proven to be false or digging himself further into a hole. Late reports say Wood has canceled participation in his own golf tournament this week. Even if his injuries prevent playing — Tiger should show up — make a brief statement and make an exit.

    It will take nerves of steel to stick with line: “I’ve said what I am going to say on the subject. It is a private matter. Let’s talk about golf.” But Tiger is known for his single-mindedness.

  • “Mayor, Mayor, Off the Wall”

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom dropped out of the California Gubernatorial race almost a month ago. And if the local media are to be believed — he also dropped out of sight for a while perhaps sulking over the fact that the public appear not to be as deeply in love with Newsom as he appears to be with himself.

    Hizzoner tackled the media attacks by attacking back. The results can be seen in this video below where the Mayor was interviewed by Hank Plante of KPIX-TV, the local CBS affiliate.

    Newsom trots out every bad technique for dealing with the media and packs them into one 7 minute interview. He tells the reporter he doesn’t read the press, “it is comical,” and that negative things written about him are damaging only to the credibility of those who write them. “To the extent I care? I don’t. I’ve been focused on people…”

    Plante asks Newsom about reports that he has thrown temper tantrums. The Mayor says the reports are comical. Then watch him get up at the end of the interview — throw off his microphone, glare at the reporter and say something like: “Off the record, I’m amazing disappointed, amazingly. I just am. Professionally, you know.”

    Note to the Mayor: if you want to go “off-the-record” — ensure that the cameras, microphones are off…and the reporter agrees to your request. Otherwise — you come off looking like an ass.

  • Great Spin

    Just because you are doing a live television interview doesn’t mean you have to ad lib your comments.

    In the video below, Harlem Globetrotter”Handle Franklin” demonstrates the benefits of practice. What this clip and see how many of his well-rehearsed talking points he is able to jam into a 3 minute 55 second segment with MSNBC host Alex Witt.

    Franklin dishes about the Globetrotter’s upcoming tour to entertain the troops in Iraq — but also manages to lay in commercials about his teams 84 year history of bringing smiles — and mentions the team website and 269 city tour all while spinning a basketball. Great stuff.

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