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  • Fowl Ball

    We like plucky politicians, but Sue Lowden is caring it too far. The Nevada Republican senatorial candidate erred a while back by suggesting that people could keep soaring health care costs down by bartering with their doctors.

    Given a chance to clarify, she made matters worse by talking about how, in our grandparents day, paying the Doc with a chicken was the way to go. That unleashed a flock of jokes (see the video below from KTVN in Reno, Nevada).

    Lowden isn’t the first politician to same something that sent the chattering class clucking. But she ought to be better at putting a stop to the reaction. Instead, she seems to have no plan.

    When asked about the attention devoted to chicken comments she stutters:

    “I, I, I’m not sure what to say as far as whether it has been dragged out of proportion.”

    The reporter gave her another whack at the fowl ball:

    “You don’t regret your statement?”

    Lowden: “I, I, I talk about the fact that the Reid (her opponent) campaign is desperate to change the story from his very unpopular health care bill….”

    Instead of running around like a chicken with her head cut off, Lowden should cut her losses and say something like:

    “Yes, I regret making comments which others can use to trivialize a very important topic. I simply want people to think of a variety of ways to bring down the sky rocketing costs of health care. There are many innovative ways of doing so. My opponent seems to obsess on this one comment undoubtedly because he doesn’t want any close inspection of his own plan which, in my view, is terribly flawed. For example his plan calls for…….”

    She needs to come up with some mantra like that…and practice it until she can rattle it off in her sleep without stumbling or stuttering. Only then can she begin to make chicken salad out of her chicken…err…comments.


  • Mr Brown You’ve Got A Spot of Bother

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown proved for the umpteenth time yesterday that open microphones can be hazardous to your political health.

    Brown was campaigning in northwest England and was chatting up Ms Gillian Duffy, a 66-year-old woman, who complained about immigrants taking jobs from locals. Brown made nice with her and then made off. Slipping into his limo, he forgot to turn off a radio microphone that he was wearing.

    Brown’s true feelings were captured by reporters remaining at the scene. They heard Brown call the situation “ridiculous” and as he dismissed his constituent, Ms Duffy, as “bigoted.”

    To make matters worse the comments first surfaced when played for Brown while he was on a live radio show. TV cameras were present to show him holding his head in his hands as he realized his mistake.

    Ms Duffy was also surprised when reporters told her what Brown really thought of her.

    Give Brown credit — he did understand the magnitude of the apparent duplicity and immediate got in his limo (sans microphone we trust) and headed to Mrs. Duffy’s home to personally apologize. Later he stepped outside to call himself a “penitent sinner” and claiming he misunderstood what Ms Duffy was trying to say. It will be up to the voters to decide the appropriate punishment for a politician who can’t remember that the microphones are always on.


  • Model Behavior

    Naomi Campbell is out of here – Thank You Very Much.

    The fashion model demonstrated the grace and good judgment for which she is known by bolting from an recent ABC interview.

    Apparently Ms. Campbell didn’t want to answer questions about having allegedly received a “blood diamond” from former Liberian war lord Charles Taylor over a decade ago.

    Storming out of interviews is almost never a good idea. Your petulance guarantees you’ll get more attention than if you had stuck it out.

    But Campbell took stupidity to a deeper level by apparently knocking over the ABC camera as she exited. Yeah, that makes her look real sympathetic.