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  • Vanity UnFair

    ESPN broadcaster Erin Andrews ducked some wild pitches in an Q&A published in the August edition of Vanity Fair.

    Off-the-wall questions are not uncommon in “celebrity” interviews. But George Wayne, the knucklehead who interviewed Andrews, threw an exceptionally high quantity of curve balls Andrews’ way.

    Vanity Fair

    Picking the oddest is a tough league…but here are two standouts:                                                                                                               

    Q. Do you have man-size feet like Paris Hilton? You know, she can find shoes to fit her only in the “tranny” section of the shoe store.

    A. No, I wear a size-7 shoe, and I am five feet ten inches.

    Q. What is the one thing you take when feeling constipated?

    A. Are you really going to write about that? I’m not going to comment on that. That is kind of weird and I don’t feel comfortable answering that question. I have gone through so much in the last year.

    Andrews handled the oddball questions well enough.  She has certainly had her share of publicity lately.  

    Erin earned ink of the unwelcome kind when some perv sneaked naked photos of her in her hotel room.  And she got a lot of positive airtime with her second place finish in “Dancing with the Stars.”

    Perhaps Andrews is among those who thinks that all publicity is good publicity — in which case she may be happy with the results of the Vanity Fair interview.

    If not — she and her staff (assuming she has one) must shoulder some of the blame for not adequately researching her opponent (Wayne’s) past performance.  

    Wayne has a history of asking outrageous questions. For example, in 2009 he asked MSNBC host Rachel Maddow if she was sexually turned on by farts.  Armed with that kind of scouting report — Andrews might have been well-advised to take a walk before the interview.


  • Smile When You Say That

    The Cone of Silence failed the VP. Joe Biden was campaigning in Wisconsin yesterday and stopped off at a frozen custard shop for one of those photo ops that political handlers love.

    After asking for ice cream and being reminded it was a custard shop, Biden helped dish out some of the stuff. Then, with cameras rolling, pulled out a wad of bills and asked the shop manager what he owed him.

    “It is on us,” the man replied, adding “lower our taxes and we’ll call it even.” Biden turned away without a word as seen in this local TV coverage.

    The Veep remarked that the merchant was just being a “smart-ass” and later said he was “just kidding.”

    When you go into photo ops like this one — you open yourself up to impromptu comments. The lesson here is that Biden should have smiled at the man’s remark rather than looking like he was wounded at Custard’s last stand.


  • You Have A (Girl) Friend In Pennsylvania

    Gov Ed Rendell (D, PA) and a woman who works closely with him — are busy denying that they are all THAT close.

    According to the Philadelphia Daily News,the Guv and his non-love are reacting to a story  about an alleged affair which is to appear in the July edition of Philadelphia Magazine set to be published tomorrow.

    The woman in question is Dr. Kirstin Snow who heads the state’s “Commonwealth Media Services” office.

    Snow reportedly was Miss Pennsylvania in 1994, Mrs. Pennsylvania in 2005 and “Mrs. American Dream” in 2007.

    The full text of the story is not out yet — but from the excerpts we have seen — both Rendell and Snow need to work on their denials.

    According to the Daily News, Dr Snow when asked by Philadelphia Magazine about the alleged affair said:

    “Absolutely not.”  “No way. And if I had a nickel for everybody who told me that, or told me they heard that, I wouldn’t have to come to my job.”

    Snow would have been better off stopping at “No way.”

    Rendell did no better.  Rendell  told the magazine that Snow’s attractiveness helps add some “pizzazz” when he brings her to fundraisers. But adds that his recent loss of 60 pounds – has nothing to do with a new romance.

    “You know, like a lot of people in politics, I get hit on by women all the time,” Rendell says. “There are political groupies just like there are sports groupies. I got hit on when I was 260 every bit as much as when I’m 200.”

    TOO MUCH INFORMATION Governor.  You should have said “I am not now nor have I in the past had an affair with Dr. Snow” and stopped.  (Assuming that is true.  If not…all the rest of the statements are lies anyway.)

    The magazine apparently asked the Governor about reports that he had publicly called Snow “the love of my life.” Is Rendell getting his talking points from Governor Sanford of SC?

    Rendell’s explanation is that people may have heard him joking about Snow saying something like: “Oh, yeah, she’s great. She’s hot as can be; she’s the cat’s meow.”

    Governor, stop.  We’re begging you.

    In situations like this — simple, straight, factual denials are what is called for.  And then the parties involved (or not involved) should shut up.

    People are going to speculate — but there is no need to unnecessarily fan the flames.

    Dr. Snow has reportedly been married twice.  Not clear if the same ex-hubby was around when she was Mrs Pennsylvania and Mrs American Dream.

    If this Mrs Commonwealth Media Services gig doesn’t work out for her, she can always fall back on past skills — as seen in this informercial for  Divorcedoneright.com.