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  • Cleaning Up Your Mess

    The City of New York got hammered by local media for a slow response to a storm two weeks ago which left trees down and debris across Queens and Brooklyn.

    The Office of Emergency Management took some action. Not just on the trees but on the media coverage. Commissioner Joseph Bruno invited WPIX reporter (and 15-Seconds fave) Greg Mocker in to get “the bigger picture.” Good move, OEM!

    Setting aside the fact that Bruno is in SERIOUS need of media training — at least he demonstrated he understands the wisdom of not running from…but running toward their critics. Last night’s report is here:


    Was it an entirely positive story for OEM? No. But they can take comfort that Mocker didn’t put them through the wood chipper like he did the night before. Check out the way Mocker shredded them before they engaged with him:




  • Perfectly Bad Talking Points

    Bishop Eddie Long responded to allegations against him this morning.  Sort of.

    Long has been accused in four lawsuits of coercing young males into sexual relations.

    The Bishop showed up at what had been billed as a press conference — to tell a multitude of reporters that he would fight the allegations but that his lawyer would not let him publicly address the charges.

    Long provided a litany of good works done by his church — but nothing about the subject at hand.  If your lawyer tells you to say nothing to the press — we don’t recommend holding a press conference to announce it.

    Earlier in the morning — the Bishop went a little further during a sermon at his New Birth Church. 

     “I feel like David against Goliath, but I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet, ” he told a cheering crowd.

    Long added that he’s “not the man that has been portrayed on the television. That’s not me.”

     “I’ve been accused, I’m under attack. I want you to know, as I said earlier, that I am not a perfect man,” he said. “But this thing, I’m going to fight.”

    Long twice returned to the “not a perfect man” theme — which didn’t work well in the classic video below of former Congressman Gary Condit being interviewed by Connie Chung about his relationship with an intern who went missing and later turned up dead.


  • Don’t Abuse the Props at Photo Ops

    There is nothing quite so unsettling as a sore winner. Vincent Gray won the Democratic primary for DC mayor last week. In Washington, that amounts to winning the November election.

    Gray is just biding his time until voters make official in the general election what everyone already knows — that he will soon be in charge.

    While waiting, Gray is holding meetings to get him ready to rule.

    On Thursday, Gray met with DC schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee who was an active supporter of Gray’s opponent — outgoing Mayor Adrian Fenty.

    Rhee went so far as to say publicly that Gray’s primary victory was “devastating for the school children of Washington, DC.” She has about as much chance of being retained in a Gray administration has Lindsay Lohan does of being nominated for the Supreme Court.

    After the meeting Gray came out to meet the media — and Rhee was forced to stand in a corner — like a naughty school girl – listening to the presumptive mayor-elect say that:

    “We did not talk about Chancellor Rhee staying or going. We talked about the state of education in the city.”

    The media described Rhee as appearinging “shaken,” “close to tears,” and “looked awkward, unhappy, and basically like she’d rather be anywhere else on the planet.”

    You can see the scene in the raw video below.

    View more news videos at: http://www.nbcwashington.com/video.

    It is hard to believe that, at a minimum, Gray didn’t let Rhee know that she had flunked the retention test. He has every right to appoint his own team — and we can’t blame him for wanting a schools chief who doesn’t start out thinking that Gray’s election is “devastating.”

    But making Rhee stand in the corner with a metaphorical dunce cap sends all the wrong signals. Gray should have met with her privately — allowed her to leave the area — and only then come out before the press.

    His treatment of Rhee was uncalled for.  We hope he acts with a little more class when his job becomes official.