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  • What Can Brown Do To You?

    Robert Brown has some enthusiastic supporters. Unfortunately.

    The Georgia state senator reportedly called a press conference on short notice on Thursday to react to a demand for an apology from fellow politician for previous statements in which Brown apparently compared local Republicans to the Ku Klux Klan.

    Brown’s laughably lame response would have been suitable for a blog item on its own — but what happened next trumped his shaky excuse.

    The Senator rapidly departed the press conference held at Macon’s City Hall. Woody Marshall, a photographer from the Macon Telegraph, tried to get ahead of the senator to get a photo when he was assaulted by a very large man who arrived at the event with the senator. Brown later denied knowing exactly who the fellow was — but it turns out the photog bouncer is named Malik Brown (no relation to the senator but son of another man present who describes himself as like a brother to Robert Brown.) A report on the incident from WMAZ TV in Macon can be seen below.

    Amusingly, after roughing up the photographer — Malik the enforcer can be seen warning other journalists that they “better calm down.”

    For some reason — at contentious news conferences — aides and supporters often take it upon themselves to “protect” their principal. What they are protecting them from and why they would do so — is a mystery. Presumably if someone calls a news conference — they are expecting to have their picture taken.

    Follow up reports say that Malik Brown has been charged with simple assault.  Simple, indeed.


  • Politicians Taking the Plunge

    Being interviewed on the radio requires one’s full attention. It can be a draining experience.

    Chicago mayoral candidate, Congressman Danny Davis apparently was not exactly on his toes when interviewed on WGN-AM recently.

    In the clip below (via WGN-TV) the Congressman (or someone) appears to flush a toilet in mid-interview.

    Since Davis is running against Rahm Emmaneul, we suppose the possibility of a dirty trick cannot be discounted.  (h/t Mediaite.com)


  • Stay in Your Lane

    When interviewed on TV – stick to what you know. PA Governor Ed Rendell apparently thinks he knows everything.

    The Gov was on WXTF TV in Philly Sunday opining about the wisdom of the NFL postponing the Eagles game scheduled for that evening.

    Like many football fans, Rendell was disappointed the game was delayed due to weather. It is a free country and the Governor has a right to his opinion that the NFL’s delay of game decision was “a joke.” He said the decision suggested that the U.S. was becoming a nation of “wusses.”

    But Rendell strayed beyond his portfolio when he began an on-air debate with the Philly Fox-5 weatherman about how much snow had fallen. Rendell minimized the amount. In the end the city got 12.5 inches of snow and parts of New Jersey where many Eagles fans reside got even more. Since most fans would not have had access to a State Trooper motorcade to get to the game — the decision to delay it seems prudent. Apparently the NFL had more concern about fan safety than did the Gov. The WTXF video is below:

    Update: Eagles Yanked Governor’s (Snow) Chains — Then Went On to Lose