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  • Grimm Reality TV


    Media Relations Pro Tip:  If you are going to threaten to throw a reporter off a balcony (a move we don’t recommend) don’t do it on camera.


    Congressman Michael Grimm apparently missed that lesson in media training.  Last night he was happy to do a quick interview with local NY1 television about his reaction to the State of the Union speech.  But the Congressman grimmed up when reporter Michael Scotto tried to ask a question about a controversy over campaign finances.

    Grimm ended the interview — walked off and seconds later (apparently thinking that all recording had stopped) walked back into the frame to tell Scotto if he ever did anything like that he would “throw (him) off this f@@@ing balcony.”   Grimm  added at one point that he would break Scotto “like a boy.”




    This is not Grimm’s first blush with reality.  Back in October we wrote about he got into a fight with the N.Y. tabloids over allegations that he inappropriately performed constituent relations with a woman in a public bathroom.

    Almost any Member of Congress would recognize that promising bodily harm to a reporter — on camera — is not a wise move and would quickly apologize.  First reports, however, suggest that Grimm is portraying himself as the aggrieved party and that NY1 was insufficiently grateful for his time.  We’ve seen this movie before and the outlook is Grimm.





  • Super Bold Seahawk Cornerback Backpeddles


    We resisted the urge a week ago to blog about Seattle Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman’s unsportsmanlike rant at the end of the NFC title game. But why be the only holdout?




    In case you missed it, Sherman launched an insane rant on sideline reporter Erin Andrews.  Apparently Sherman must have been mainlining Red Bull during the game.  Among the things he shouted were:

    “I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me. […] Don’t you open your mouth about the best or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick.”

    Watch it here:

    In the hours after Sherman lost his cool — a lot of explanations were offered.  For example there was some tale about how the target of his anger, S.F. 49er receiver Michael Crabtree, said something rude to him months earlier at a charity event.

    Sherman (or his behind scenes team) penned a column for Sports Illustrated’s MMQB website denying that he is a villain. (Note: it is not a good thing when you have to deny that you are (a) a crook (b) a witch or (c) a villain.

    But Sherman is no dummy.  He reportedly had a 4.2 GPA in high school and graduated from Stanford with a degree in communication.  So somewhere during the course of Sherman’s march to the sea — or to East Rutherford, NJ — he realized that the NFL is not the World Wrestling Federation.

    So he is expressing regret — sort of — saying:

    “No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is. That’s not mine. It belongs to Irvin Himmel. Somebody tweeted it at me after the NFC Championship Game. If I could pass a lesson on to the kids it would be this: Don’t attack anybody. I shouldn’t have attacked Michael Crabtree the way I did. You don’t have to put anybody else down to make yourself bigger.”

    He clearly likes the attention.  Sherman tweeted out the photo below from the Super Bowl media scrum with the caption “Media Day was a blast!”


    Sherman probably decided that “raving lunatic” was not exactly the image he was going for.  The NFL fined him $7,875 for unsportsmanlike conduct — although we’re betting the notoriety will land him a bunch of humorous TV commercials that will earn him sacks more money.





  • Media Tip When You Shoot Self in Foot

    You ever have one of those days?  Connersville, Indiana police chief David Counceller just did.


    Chief David Counceller

    He accidentally shot himself in the leg. That would be embarrassing at any time but especially now because Counceller is running for county sheriff.

    According to the IndyStar, the chief took blowing a hole in his thigh in stride.  We give him credit for being a straight shooter when admitting his mistake:  “I know what the dangers are.  It was pure carelessness on my part.”

    When you do something dumb like that — people are going to talk about it — so you might as well beat them on the draw. Had Counceller refused to comment or issued a terse statement would have only emphasized his embarrassment.

    Turns out the Chief has had some practice using himself for target practice.  He says he shot himself in the hand 15 years ago and “that one really hurt.”



    It was clear that the race for sheriff was still on Counceller’s mind: “Some candidates are out there doing things for kids to try to get elected. Me, I shoot myself.  What a way to get publicity.”

    In a situation like this — self deprecating humor is your best defense and Chief Counceller was right on target.