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  • 49er’s Coach Flagged for Unnecessary Bluntness

    It is clear the San Francisco 49ers did not pick their new coach, Jim Tomsula, because of his media skills. It looks like it would be easier to get a complete answer out of an al-Qaeda leader that to squeeze more than name, rank and uniform number out of the coach.



    In what is probably the easiest interview situation Tomsula will ever face — a largely softball questioning from a local sports anchor trying to introduce him in a “Meet the New Boss” segment — Tomsula fumbled badly.

    One word answers….combative…failing to have a game plan on what he wanted to convey…it is painful to watch but is instructive on exactly what not to do.  The 49ers ought to invest in some media training — soon.

    h/t TVSpy

  • Je Suis Fred

    Fred Francis — 15-Seconds co-founder was a guest once again on Fox News Channel’s MediaBuzz with Howard Kurtz.

    There was a very lively debate about whether news organizations should run the Charlie Hebdow cartoons and about mistakes in reporting about the Paris terror attacks.


    Here are his two segments.


  • County Councilman’s Facebook Blunder

    Kirby Delauter Frederick Co. Gvmt Website

    Kirby Delauter
    Frederick Co. Gvmt Website

    Just when you thought you had heard it all…someone comes up with a mind-numbingly stupid approach to media relations that it makes Bill Cosby, British Petroleum and former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling look like PR geniuses in comparison.

    A guy by the name of Kirby Delauter has threatened legal action against a local reporter because she referred to him and used his name in an article. It would be hard to win such a case if Dealuter was an under cover spy — but he is not — he is a member of the Frederick Maryland County Council.

    According to The Frederick News-Post Delauter took to Facebook to attack reporter Bethany Rodgers for having the temerity to write about him without his permission. See the posting and Rodgers response below.


    The fact that an elected official would actually think that reporters need to get their permission to write about them is stunning. If this appeared in a satirical publication like “The Onion” it would be hard to believe.

    Delauter has fallen victim to “the Streisand Effect” which Wikipedia defines as: “…the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.”

    Mark Twain’s quote “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt” needs to be amended to include writing some stuff on Facebook.

    h/t  Washington Post