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  • “I’m Not an Idiot!” – An Arguable Defense

    Going to be interviewed on TV about some controversial subject?

    Best to think through your talking points.


    In the clip below, Canandian enviromentalist Dr. Patrick Moore is interviewed on French TV. Apparently Moore is now working for pesticide manufacturers and tells his interviewer that a certain chemical (used in weedkillers like “Roundup”) is so safe you can “drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you.” Unfortunately for Moore, his host had some on hand and offered the Doc a swig.

    Pulling a reversal that would make Bibi Netanyahu proud, Moore says he would be happy to drink some and then immediately says no saying “I’m not an idiot.” For good measure Moore throws in that people try to commit suicide by drinking the product all the time — and fail. Now THERE’S an interesting talking point.

    h/t CrooksandLiars.com

  • You’ve Got (No) Email – How Did Hillary Do?

    BH 3

    On Fox Business Network’s Varney & Company 15-Seconds co-founder Bill Harlow was asked to evaluate former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s press conference performance.

    It is clear that she hasn’t put this issue to bed.

    In the “A” section of today’s Washington Post there were NINE separate pieces (articles, OPEDs, letters, editorials, etc) touching on the matter.

  • No Excuse in Syracuse



    Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim fouled out of his post-game press conference over the weekend.

    The school was hammered by the NCAA on Friday for a series of infractions going back to 2001.

    Among the allegations were charges that “academic support” members posed as athletes in emails when sending course work to professors, athletes accepting thousands of dollars from boosters for “volunteering at the YMCA,” and failure to follow drug testing policy.

    The penalties include scrubbing the record books of past wins, stripping the University of  three scholarships for each of four seasons and benching Boeheim for the first nine games of his Atlantic Coast Conference season next year.

    Stiff penalties which Boeheim plans to appeal.  But on Saturday there was a game to play — and they did — losing to North Carolina State by a healthy margin, 71-57.

    Then Boeheim elected to skip the standard post-game press conference. By some accounts it was the first time in his 39-year career, that the coach clammed up and failed to meet the media.

    Syracuse.com reports that Boeheim’s bosses were behind the decision to bag the appearance.  Whomever came up with the idea — it was a bad one.

    Boeheim later issued a written statement saying he didn’t show up because he didn’t want to have to say “no comment” and he wanted to have the focus be on his players.  Nice sentiment — but hopeless.

    He would have taught his players a valuable lesson if he had simply shown up – answered the questions he could — and explained why other questions would have to be held in abeyance.

    When Boeheim first started coaching — it was possible to win a game by playing “stall ball.”  Holding on to the ball until the clock ran out.  But that is against the rules in basketball these days — and it is definitely a losing tactic when dealing with the press.