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  • Give Me Something To Work With, Coach

    When doing media interviews the most important thing to bring to the table is sincerity. And once you learn how to fake sincerity — you have it knocked.

    University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh has not learned that skill. Harbaugh was interviewed by Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio this morning and did not bring his “A game.” More like his “Z game.”


    This was one of the easiest interviews a sports figure is ever going to get a chance to do. Cowherd’s questions included hard hitting issues like….when did you decide to come to Michigan? And…it seems you are really “all-in” on the community, right?

    Harbaugh was in the mood to give only name, rank and part of his serial number. It was a radio interview so we can’t tell if he was blinking out “HELP!” in Morse code…but it was a truly painful thing to listen to.

    Cowherd wisely pulled the plug when it was clear that the Coach had no interest in giving the most minimal of efforts. It makes one wonder what it will be like trying to interview him during the season if his team loses.

    Sportscasters might just suggest to him that he rap the table once if the answer is yes…and twice if it is no.