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  • Chipolte Defense — Hard To Swallow

    Chipolte, the fast-food outfit, is having a bad 2015.


    First there was an e-coli outbreak on the west coast and more recently 120 cases of norovirus from a single restaurant near Boston College.

    The company has been taking a beating in the media — and the stock market –so CEO Steve Ells decided to take his medicine and appear on NBC’s Today Show this morning. Apparently he was trying to calm the nervous stomachs of Chipolte eaters — and investors.

    How’d he do? Halfway through his interview with Matt Lauer it looked like he wanted to run for the exits.

    Ells’ hemming and hawing throughout the whole interview conveyed the impression that he had not anticipated all the very logical questions and had failed to internalize strong answers before sitting down with Lauer.

    We can understand why Chipolte executives (like their customers) have been on the run recently — but Ells should have spent much more time polishing off his talking points before being served up as red meat for Lauer.