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  • Anchors Away – No One Listens


    Here is a brief clip from the coverage in Washington, DC of the recent blizzard.  In addition to being amusing (or appalling) the clip makes the point that if you are being interviewed on live TV by anchors these days — there is a good chance the people asking you questions are barely listening to what you say.

    In this case the anchors have on the phone someone they think is from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  The guest gives them the usual blather about road conditions and then weaves in mentions of his drug dealer and prostitute having a tough time on the road.  The “reporters” take no notice and thank him for his valuable insights.

    Also amusing is the shot of a reporter out in the field desperately trying to get the attention of the folks sitting in the warm studio — apparently to let them know they are being had.

    This clip — edited to shorten it — is from NBC4 in Washington — not an inconsequential station.