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  • Che-ging Plans — Not the Revolutionary Idea You Want


    One of the cardinal rules of doing media events (and life) is to avoid making stuff up as you go along.

    Normally the White House — any White House — is very good at writing and sticking to a script. But the video below from President Obama’s trip to Cuba seems to show what happens when you throw caution to the wind.

    We are certain that White House press advance folks had thought through what the images would be coming out of a wreath laying ceremony at the Jose Marti monument in Revolution Square.

    The video seems to show the President convinced on the spot to allow himself to change the angle for a photo. In doing so he set up an image with a giant Che Guevara in the background. Maybe that was the plan all along — but it sure looks like the President allowed himself to be maneuvered into a photo op that both the Cubans and the Republicans will try to use to his disadvantage.

    h/t Breitbart