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  • Fail to the Redskins – Unreal McCoy


    At 15-Seconds, we firmly believe that if a reporter misrepresents him or herself to you on some serious matter — that you should definitely let them know how unhappy you are.  But that does not include whining just because you didn’t like or expect one or two questions.

    McCoy doesn't want to hear it.

    McCoy doesn’t want to hear it.

    Apparently Washington Redskins top PR guy Tony Wyllie plays by a different set of rules.

    The website  Awful Announcing has an item today about Wyllie angrily calling reporter Pete Mundo to complain that Mundo had the nerve to ask Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy about being injured in the NCAA national championship game in 2010 and  whether McCoy would want his kids to play football given the danger. Mundo was told that McCoy felt blindsided by the questions. We guarantee you he will be much more painfully blindsided during the course of the season – assuming he gets on the field.


    Colt McCoy, Center of Attention at University of Texas

    It is hard to imagine what Wyllie was whining about.  The Redskins are known to have a Donald Trump-like desire to try to control the media — and perhaps this was a clever ploy to send a message to other journalists to ask only the softest of all softball questions.

    More likely it was the result of a spokesman who had been out in the sun too long and was in desperate need of a chill pill.

    According to Awful Announcing, Wyllie went so far as to tell the reporter: “never call us for an interview again.”   Even if Wyllie had a legitimate beef (and he doesn’t) it makes no sense to issue that kind of a threat.