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A Broken Clock


.24-hour clock

Ex-Texas Governor and at the moment Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry attracted some unwanted attention yesterday.  Earlier in the day Donald Trump said that Perry would be dropping out of the race.

So during an interview on Fox News, Perry was asked if that was true.  His response: “A broken clock is right once a day.”


A lot of folks have pointed out that (unless he was talking about a clock like the one above) – Perry underestimated that accuracy of broken timepieces. 

But equally noteworthy to us — is that even if he got the number right — it was a lousy answer. Essentially he was saying — Trump may have gotten this right.  Up until the second you determine for sure that you are pulling the plug on your campaign — the only correct answer to a media question about whether you are getting out — should start with the word: NO.


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