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A Tale of Wu

What people DON’T say is often as important as what they do.

Congressman David Wu (D, OR) is in trouble (again.)  The Oregonian newspaper is reporting that a young woman has claimed he forced an “unwanted sexual encounter” on her.

Hard to believe Wu would have trouble pitching women.  The image at the right is not photo shopped.  He previously admitted sending out bizarre shots of himself dressed as a tiger to people.

The woman, reportedly just shy of 40 years his junior, is said to have left a voice mail message at the congressman’s office “upset, breathing heavily and ‘distraught’.”

The newspaper says it tried for four days to get Wu to respond to the report without success until late Friday when he issued this one-sentence statement:

“This is very serious, and I have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention, or stress to a young woman and her family.”

OK class, what is missing from that statement?  How about:  “I did nothing wrong.”  The absence of any such formulation leaves the reader with the impression that the Tiger was on the prowl.

The woman has not pressed charges.  But Wu’s worrisome statement does little to remove the notion that Wu is a crouching tiger, hidden wacko.

h/t Chickaboomer


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