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You cannot predict when you or your organization
may become the target of journalists.

When you hire 15-Seconds you get the personal attention of two world-class communications professionals: Fred Francis and Bill Harlow. Unlike other firms, your work is not passed off to junior staffers.

They specialize in three areas:

* Media Relations and Training – Providing individuals, small groups, and in large seminar settings insider tips on how to shine under the glare of the media spotlight. Using videos plucked from the nightly newscasts, Francis and Harlow give the people they train dramatic — and often hilarious — examples of what can go right and what can go wrong when you “meet the media.” They provide practical tips on how to get ready for news interviews, understanding the mindset of the media, and how to prepare your communication points.

* Crisis Communications and Planning – Smart organizations plan for how to handle a crisis before one hits. The 15-Seconds team can help you be ready for some future crisis — or deal with one which has just landed on your doorstep. Many times an organization’s in house leadership and communications team are too close to the problem to see how to deal with it most effectively.

* Presentation and Speech Skills – Employing their decades of experience with the national and international media, Fred and Bill help clients who have a positive story to tell hone their talking points. They use their extensive contacts in the media to generate positive press coverage. They can help book your leaders on national television programs, secure interviews with major news organizations, or help write articles and opinion pieces for placement in prominent publications under your byline.

Program participants benefit from the perspective of two seasoned veterans who spent decades on opposite sides of the news gathering and dissemination business. Even in this era of the Internet, blogs, and new media, the ultimate driver of public perception remains mass media like television, newspapers and news magazines.Take a look at the most influential sites in the blogosphere and, very often, the writers are talking about something they just saw on television or read in the newspaper.

How Will 15-Seconds Work With Me and My Organization?

The 15-Seconds media program can be scaled for delivery to audiences large or small and can be adapted to include more advanced training for individuals or organizations with specific communications challenges. The program concludes with a hands-on training exercise where audience members are given scenarios tailored to their industry. Then, several audience participants are selected to play the role of spokespersons and are interviewed on camera — implementing the lessons they’ve just learned. We tailor our training to the organizations needs from two full days of theory and then real time in front of an interviewer and camera – to 90 minute session to groups who just need the basics or a tune-up on new techniques. What makes the 15-Seconds program unique is not just the valuable information imparted — but also the background of the trainers. While others might be able to tell you about the theory of media relations and crisis communications — no one else offering this kind of training can match their practical, real-world experience they have had in some of the trickiest situations imaginable.


The interactive seminar is peppered with stories from their long careers —
citing both communications successes and mishaps. In short, this is a unique presentation that is both entertaining and instructive for any audience. The 15 Seconds team is available to come into your organization and help you craft a plan to meet the media, and provide one-on-one training that will ensure that you make the most of your time in the spotlight. If you already have a plan, we can help you test it in a mock crisis. And, during a real crisis, the 15-Seconds team will help place your key executives on major national news shows to defend or promote your organization’s good name.

In tight economic times, business leaders sometimes ask “Can I afford to devote resources to ‘nice-to-have’ things like media training?” A better question would be can you afford not to? A positive story about your organization on a major news network could be worth the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars of paid advertising. And learning how to prevent or minimize the impact of a negative story? Priceless!

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