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  • Foster Child: Begging Reporter to Leave -Surefire Way to Make the News


    Is a professional athlete accused of fathering a child out of wedlock news?  KRIV-TV thinks so.

     Arian Foster of the Houston Texans begs to disagree.



    Foster reportedly was cited in a lawsuit.  KRIV sent a reporter to try to speak with the woman involved.  No luck.  Then they drove to Foster’s house and caught him outside.  Instead of simply declining comment the running back made some emotional pleas for the reporter to go away.


    “Please get off my property man…please bro.  Is your story that important to you, it is really dog?”

    “Don’t you know how this s**t is tearing me apart?”

    “That’s not OK dog, I’ve got family here. I got two kids here bro!”

    “You can believe her all you want to dog. I know in my heart. I know what’s in me man. This is my house.”


    Foster gave KRIV exactly what they needed — pictures and sound.  Without them it is questionable whether the story would have made the news or not. Even if it did — it would likely have been a short “reader” – not the dramatic TMZ-like episode it turned out to be.

    The lesson here is simple.  Don’t beg journalists not to do a story.  Stay out of sight and silent unless you have something to say that you want on the air.

    Check out the KRIV clip below:




  • It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Stupidity

     LeBron James may be taking this “king” thing too seriously. 

    In the event you just emerged from a coma, the basketball star just announced he is abandoning his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers and taking his act to the Miami Heat.

    Through basketball’s free agency rules, James has earned the right to sell his services to any bidder — and we don’t begrudge him his decision to go to the friendly climes of south Florida where he thinks he has a better chance of winning championships.

    But James threw up an air ball in his handling of the much-awaited announcement of whose court he will grace with his presence next season.

    In a display of hubris befitting someone who fashions himself as “the King,” Team James sold ESPN on the wisdom of having an hour-long TV special (dubbed “The Decision”) during which he said only one interesting word:  “Miami.”

     ESPN padded the show will blathering from their in house pundits before and between interviews with James from a Boys & Girls Club in toney, Greenwich, CT. Yeah, the club will benefit from the deal and the exposure, but no one watching could come away with the impression that this was about anyone other than “the King.”

    To add insult to injury — James and his staff didn’t even have the courtesy of informing the losing cities that they had come up short.  They had to learn it by watching the interminable ESPN special. 

    James frequently referred to himself in the third person (a sure sign of a sports star who believes his own hype) and did nothing to lessen the pain for the Cleveland fans he is abandoning — commenting several times about all the wonderful things that he had previously done for them.

    In the past, James appeared to be a pretty savvy self-promoter.  But last night he and his royal lackies managed to offend fans around the country (with the exception of those in and around South Beach.)

    The ESPN announcement extravaganza was probably the worst sports innovation since the vuvuzela.