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Chicken @#*@ Response from Gamecock Coach

When the going gets tough, University of South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier gets going — out the door.

Spurrier’s team lost 45-42 in overtime to Tennessee on Saturday. At the post-game “news conference” – Spurrier spoke for less than a minute and then beat feet saying “I don’t need to take any questions. You guys watched it.”

Spurrier has lost more games than he has won this year. But we’re guessing when he DOES win…he doesn’t mind taking questions — even though reporters “watch it” then as well.

There are some jobs (President, mayor, “head ball coach”) where you are supposed to meet with the media after major events and explain what happened. Spurrier gave his players an example of how not to meet your obligations.

It is not the first time he has acted like an ass with the media. He doesn’t have to answer questions about his media (non) performance though — since we call can watch it.

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