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Grimm’s Hairy Tale

The New York tabloids are all atwitter over allegations that Congressman Michael Grimm (R, NY) recently sequestered himself in a wine bar bathroom with a lady friend for “17 minutes.”

The Owl’s Head, Bay Ridge, NY

The story, first reported in Brooklyn Magazine, and leaped upon by the N. Y Post and the N.Y. Daily News comes complete with anonymous sources speculating that the former FBI agent turned Staten Island Congressman was not performing constituent services — but was having sexual relations with that woman — whatever her name was.

Other unnamed patrons were reportedly unhappy — not only because the Congressman had effectively shutdown the bar’s sole restroom.

Stories today say that Grimm issued a statement via email which said:

 “I will not dignify this absurd distortion of the facts with a response.”  

Rep. Michael Grimm

He went on to say that the allegations were a “Democratic-led smear campaign.”

Our advice in situations like that is that IF you feel a need to respond — you need to respond fully. The old “I will not dignify this” ploy (as we pointed out in a post last year) usually translates to mean “it is true and embarrassing.”

The N.Y. Post story quotes “a source close to Grimm” as saying that he merely went to the Owl’s Head head to check up on a friend who was upset and denying any inappropriate activity.  If so –we think Grimm should either ignore the story entirely — or revise and extend his remarks to offer a full denial — rather than the non-denial denial that he issued yesterday.

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