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What You Will Learn At A 15-Seconds Seminar:

You Will Learn How to Control Your Message Including:

*Why it is essential to deal directly with the media

*How to respond quickly and control the story with your views and quotes

*How to craft a series of quotes and sound bites to answer any question

*The importance of keeping quotes succinct — to enhance their usefulness

*Ways to use images, graphics and locations to punctuate your message

*Select the time, length and venue to best communicate your position

You Will Gain Confidence in How to Handle the Media

Drawing on our years of experience you will learn:

*A reporter’s needs and how to deal with them

*How to be frank with the media yet disclose only what you want to say

*Methods of deflecting difficult questions designed to bait you

*How to correct a journalist’s or a publication’s mistakes after the interview

*Ways to cultivate positive relationships with the media

You Will Learn How to Employ Key Rules of Communication

In times of crisis or opportunity it is essential that you:

*Speak the truth, but not divulge information prematurely

*Control your emotions

*Address false allegations directly without giving them added credibility

*Admit mistakes in policy or operational matters in a positive manner

*Use body language, facial expressions to emphasize your message

*Understand when saying nothing is the best approach

Each “15-Seconds” session is packed with real world examples. For instance, take a look at this interviewee doing a good job of sticking to his talking points:

Here’s an example of an interviewee not knowing when his talking points weren’t working.


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