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Lawyer Jokes – Bad In Every Case

The accused Penn State pedophile either has the worst lawyer in America, the unluckiest, or both.

At a press conference today on the courthouse steps, lawyer Joe Amendola was trying to explain why his client, Jerry Sandusky, had just waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Such a decision didn’t happen on the spot — so Amendola must have had a chance to think about and prepare his remarks.

Instead, he decided to speak off the cuff and crack wise during an hour-long news conference. In an effort to knock down the grand jury report which says Penn State wide receivers coach Mike McQueary witnessed Sandusky rape a boy in an on-campus locker room, Amendola said:

“If you believe that, I suggest you dial 1-800-REALITY.”

Couple problems with that: 
1. A lot of people DO believe it
2. It is a pretty dumb comment and
3. 1-800-REALITY turns out to be a gay phone sex service.

Doh! Not exactly the message Amendola was trying to send, we suspect.

This was not Amendola’s first fumble.  In addition to inexplicably allowing his client do a phone interview with NBC’s Bob Costas (in which Sandusky was unable to articulate whether he was attracted to young boys or not) — Amendola later allowed his client to give four hours of interviews to the New York Times – which is about three hours and fifty nine minutes more than the coach needs to hang himself.

The counselor made matters worse today with some corny football related commentary, for example saying that “This is the game of (Sandusky’s) life.” 

It is not a game, Joe.  But if it were, Sandusky would be penalized for not having enough (smart) men on the field.


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