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Man U Serious

The difference between good and bad media relations can be like knight and day.

Alex Ferguson is the manager of the Manchester United Football Club (soccer to us Yanks) and the most successful guy in his line of work.  He’s been so successful that the Queen knighted him in 1999.

Perhaps being dubbed “Sir Alex” gives one the feeling that they are royalty.  In any case,  Fergie apparently didn’t like a story which appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper recently which talked about his efforts to hire additional players for his team which is popularly known as “Man U.”

After an exhibition match  (known as a “friendly”) against a squad from Barcelona, Sir Alex happened across Bob Cass, the reporter who wrote the offending story.

Ferguson spared no time in sharing his not-so-friendly views with Cass .  “You and your paper can f*** off.”

Yeah, that’ll get you better coverage

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