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Media Relations and Training

We assist organizations and individuals on how to approach the media, how to stage a media event, help craft talking points, OP-ED pieces and teach them the timing of such events as well as when NOT to go public.

We provide individuals, small groups, and in large seminar settings insider tips on how to shine under the glare of the media spotlight. Using videos plucked from the nightly newscasts, Francis and Harlow give the people they train dramatic — and often hilarious — examples of what can go right and what can go wrong when you “meet the media.” They provide practical tips on how to get ready for news interviews, understanding the mindset of the media, and how to prepare your communication points.

Employing their decades of experience with the national and international media, Fred and Bill help clients who have a positive story to tell hone their talking points. They use their extensive contacts in the media to generate positive press coverage. 15-Seconds also has a great track record of booking clients on the national news programs on Fox, CNN, Bloomberg and others. They can help book your leaders on national television programs, secure interviews with major news organizations, or help write articles and opinion pieces for placement in prominent publications under your byline.

Program participants benefit from the perspective of two seasoned veterans who spent decades on opposite sides of the news gathering and dissemination business. Even in this era of the Internet, blogs, and new media, the ultimate driver of public perception remains mass media like television, newspapers and news magazines. Take a look at the most influential sites in the blogosphere and, very often, the writers are talking about something they just saw on television or read in the newspaper.