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Nice Guys Finish Last

Outgoing North Carolina Governor Mike Easley has an odd view of media relations. The Raleigh News & Observer reports that Easley complained recently about how the local papers have treated him saying:

“My job is to be nice to other people, and their job is to be nice to me. Just because they’re not doing theirs doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do mine,”

Apparently one of the Governor’s objections is a newspaper series about how his administration has handled prison probation. The allegation is that perhaps the Gov has been too nice. According the the News & Observer:

The probation series highlighted 580 cases of probationers who killed since 2000, a system that has lost track of thousands of convicted criminals and leaders who missed chances to improve technology to help officers keep up with their charges.

According to the article, the Governor blames his problems on media hell-bent on “gotcha” stories but that:

Easley has declined repeated requests to talk to the reporters who worked on the probation series and declined a request Monday for an interview about his recent comments.

Hard to see how you can complain about the media not being “nice” to you and yet refuse to talk to them — leaving them to their own devices. Do the media look for “gotcha” stories? You bet. And not talking to them will help how? Seems like a odd press strategy to us, but that’s the way Easley does it.


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