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Pastor Burns Reputation on CNN


There are a basketful of PR lessons in the video below of Pastor Mark Burns being interviewed on CNN. The Pastor has been an energetic and outspoken proponent for Donald Trump. But it seems that in addition to pumping up the volume — he has been pumping up his resume as well.

CNN documented questionable claims in Burn’s bio concerning things like his education, military background, and membership in fraternal organizations.

When  CNN correspondent Victor Blackwell confronted Burns, the Pastor made this rookie mistake (at about the 4:00 mark of the interview):

BURNS: I asked you just a moment ago as we were opening up. First of all, I said that we were off the record…

BLACKWELL: I didn’t agree to that.

BURNS: Yeah, but I did.

BLACKWELL: We’re still rolling. I’m still asking you questions on the record.

BURNS: I’m off the record. I’m off the record.

Things went downhill from there — ending with the Pastor walking out of the interview which was being videoed in his own church.  In the end, Burns sent a written statement to CNN that he had made some mistakes as a young man over exaggerating some aspects of his background.  That would have been a plausible defense — if he hadn’t gone on camera three days ago denying the mistakes and suggesting that his website had been hacked.


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