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Private Conversations: Near Extinction

TMZ says Mel Gibson may sue someone for secretly taping him ranting in his own home in last December and releasing the audio.

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 Gibson’s words taped in Costa Rica don’t paint a pretty picture of the actor’s mental stability.  But don’t you have the right to go a little crazy (ok, a lot crazy) in the privacy of your own home without the results ending up in the media?  Don’t count on it.

And if you are out in public all bets are off.  We teach our clients to never, ever say anything that they would not want to see published or broadcast the next day or next year.

We caution that bloggers in particular are always looking for new material. (Hey, WE are too – ethically, of course.)

One of our clients was at a trade show recently and said a blogger would slide into groups having insider conversations with a digital recorded hidden behind his pocket square.  The blogger was discovered in the men’s room listening to what he had just secretly recorded.  Sure enough, the next day his blog reported (without saying where the information came from) that one prominent executive was known to be highly critical of his competitors.

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