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Sterling – Silver Slam Dunk

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did a great job in seizing the initiative on the Donald Sterling mess.

Silver banned Sterling for life from participating in NBA activities, fined him the maximum $2.5 million and started the ball rolling to force him to sell his team.

The best thing Silver did was to ignore any tentative voices who might have warned him to move slowly to avoid legal problems down the road. A cautious approach would have been to not move on forcing a Clippers sale until he was sure he had the votes of the required three quarters of the owners. But cautious approaches in times of crisis only buys you second guessing and sniping.

Silver admitted that he had not polled the entire group of owners — but confidently stated that he was sure he would get enough support. Good move. Essentially he has told the owners support me — or support the racist. That is a vote he is sure to win.

Leaders of other organizations in crisis can learn a lot from Adam Silver’s strong actions today.

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