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Taco (Dumb) Bell

Joe Maturo is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Well, perhaps that is not the best fast food metaphor but the East Haven, CT Mayor delivered a whopper of a bad interview the other day.

While being questioned by WPIX-TV about the arrest of four police officers who were charged with unlawfully targeting Latinos in town for searches and abuse — the mayor was asked what he was doing for the Latino community. Kind of a broad open question. The Mayor opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it by saying “I might have tacos when I go home.” Yeah, that will help.

In the video below Maturo can be seen digging himself in a deeper and deeper hole. He turns away from his questioner to stare directly at the camera to utter one inanity after another.

Eventually the mayor figured out that he might have erred and issued a written statement apologizing. But then he went on camera trying to explain what he was trying to say. He might have been better off letting the written apology stand.

h/t Jim Brooks

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