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Throw in Towel On Perp Walk

Under arrest?  You can’t run and you can’t hide.  Frank Cairo (aka Ivan Valdes) is a Spanish-language TV host in Miami.

He was arrested yesterday in a bizarre case after being accused of stealing his neighbor’s patio furniture.

Although he is accustomed to being on camera, Cairo didn’t know his neighbor had surveillance video which caught him and another man apparently breaking in and absconding with lawn chairs.

When cuffed by the cops, Cairo thanked reporters for coming and in Spanish told one female reporter:  “My love, I earn more than a half million dollars a year.  I don’t need to steal chairs from KMart.  I love KMart. Behind the video, there is a story.”

But when he was released from jail on bond this morning, Cairo emerged with a towel covering his head.

We don’t recommend committing burglary.  But should you find yourself arrested for that or anything else – skip the towel over your head thing.  The media won’t have any problem finding pictures of you — especially if your day job is TV host.

h/t  TV Spy


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