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Trapper John Tells Fellow Fox Guest to Shut Her Trap

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Wayne Rogers, best known for his role of “Trapper John” on the TV show M*A*S*H ¬†was one of four guests on a Fox News segment yesterday called “Cashin’ In.” It did not go well.

Rogers grew frustrated by frequent interruptions from journalist Michelle Fields and ended up throwing some papers at the camera, telling Fields to shut up and calling her a moron.

There are a couple lessons to be learned from this high point in public discourse.

1. If you are invited to be interviewed on a news program — as one of four guests — expect to be interrupted. This is especially true if you are all in separate locations — and you are “in a box” as was the case in the Fox interview. (In addition to the normal tendency of others to hog air time — being in different locations means that others only hear you — but don’t see the normal body language cues when someone else wants to talk — so they just barge in.)

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2. Even when you are not talking — your image may be out there — so rude and dismissive body language will be seen by the audience and

3. Just because you were once a TV star doesn’t mean everyone is hanging on your every word. (We note that Michele Fields was born 12 years after Rogers’ signed off M*A*S*H so view him as the icon he probably sees himself as.)

Check out the video below…the fireworks start at about the 4:55 minute mark.

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