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Well, At Least Toyota’s Brakes Work

Normally we critique people’s performances during media interviews. Today we have to comment on Toyota’s non-performance.

The giant car-maker is in the middle of one of the biggest recalls ever of automobiles because a lot of Toyotas have been “Moving Forward” in ways that make drivers say “Oh, What a Feeling” — immediately followed by “Ouch.”

With sales floors shut down and production plants idling, you’d expect Toyota’s CEO to be out there talking to the media to reassure owners and potential buyers that the company will soon once again live up to another one of their old slogans: “The Best Built Cars in the World.”

But no. Apparently the company has slammed on the brakes when it comes to the top guy explaining the major dent in Toyota’s reputation.

The Wall Street Journal points out that Akio Toyoda, the CEO of the company, has not made a single public statement since the company drove off a cliff earlier this week. Perhaps he is back at headquarters rallying the engineers to come up with a quick fix to the sticky accelerators, you think? Nope.

Mr. Toyoda is reportedly in Davos, Switzerland hanging out with bankers, billionaires and pundits at the exclusive World Economic Forum. News flash for Mr. Toyoda: the folks at Davos probably don’t buy too many Toyotas. Unless you and your company do a better job of conveying a sense of urgency to the people who do purchase your cars — your “Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” is about to run into a wall.

UPDATE: We spoke too soon…..apparently Toyota brakes may NOT work. Our title was a joke — and apparently so is their current safety record.


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